South Foreland Valley

South Foreland Valley is a protected as it is a Site of Special Scentific Interest. The site is important as it contains scarce habitats and species such as basil thyme (Acinos arvensis) and the chalkhill blue butterfly. The chalk grassland supports many other species but it needs managment to thrive.

The valley was once an open place, but over the years bushes and trees have scrubbed over parts of the chalk grassland leaving some pockets isolated. White Cliffs Countryside Partnership are working closely with the landowners, St Margeret's Parish Council, to restore this site to is former glory.Through scrub clearing and grazing we should be able to create a wide corridor of widlife and increase the area of grassland. 

The Parish Council run a volunteer group who meet on site twice a month to undertake practical work. There are lots of ways you can help ewither through pracitcal work or recording species or just keeping an eye on the place. If you'd like to help call our office on 01304 241806.

You can now download a virtual tour of the Frontline Britain trail at St. Margarets, in the download section on the right hand side.


Dexter cows at South Foreland Valley
Summer bloom in South Foreland Valley