Our Climate Commitment

We are committed to reducing our own ecological and climate impact as well as inspiring change and resilience in the Dover and Folkestone & Hythe districts.

Our local biodiversity and natural landscapes are being affected by the changing climate and increased population and development pressures. These changes are resulting in extreme weather events, increased pollution, rising sea levels and rising temperatures. This is putting pressure on our wildlife and wild spaces.

Adapting to climate change and reducing our national greenhouse gas emissions will help to increase the natural environment’s resilience to these impacts. White Cliffs Countryside Partnership will endeavour to reduce its carbon footprint and reduce negative impacts on the environment in all aspects of our business, wherever feasible.

We will conduct our work to enhance the land we manage for biodiversity and aim to increase resilience of local habitats and ecosystems. We need to do this whilst simultaneously reducing our carbon footprint so that we may play our part in keeping the global temperature increase below 1.5 C.

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